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DUI's are serious business with the possibility of jail time, loss of drivers license, a permanent record of driving while intoxicated and huge fines. A competent DUI attorney is essential in minimize the financial & emotional damage and in many situations, getting the case thrown out all together.

But you only have a limited amount of time before your options of retaining your license or requesting certain procedures that could set you free are gone. Getting legal consul is the first step in peace of mind & moving on with your life.

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Being arrested for DUI is not a hopeless situation. A competent DUI lawyer has several ways to beat the case. For example, what was the reason the police officer stop you for initially, maybe it wasn't legal. Was the sobriety test done according to federal guidelines as well as the checkpoint where you may have been stopped and tested?   These are just a few of the circumstances that our DUI attorneys can challenge and get you released, but time is NOT on your side. Fill out the form to the left to get a FREE consultation and put this behind.